Webflow Hosting

Ongoing lightning - fast managed hosting

Enjoy the fastest, most scalable hosting technology for your business without all the hassles of domain setup, FTP, cPanel, and other annoying acronyms.

Webflow Hosting via DUAL

As a Webflow Expert Professional Partner, DUAL host all websites with Webflow through their Client Billing programme. This ensures that you as the client can choose to be billed monthly or annually, with your automated payments going directly to Webflow via our Team Account.


  • Powered by Amazon Web Services & Fastly
  • Meets new HTTP/2 standards out of the box, ensuring your site loads as quickly as possible
  • 99.9% uptime - the site is up and running when the audience needs it
  • Starting from $20 a month (NB. monthly subscription is with Webflow not DUAL)

Security and data loss

  • Data lives on databases managed by mlab, which uses Amazon EC2
  • All of the database backups, as well as the site’s assets are stored in Amazon S3. Almost impossible for S3 to lose data. They tout 99.99% uptime. In the case of 0.01% - all the site’s assets replicated to another Amazon S3 region also with 99.9999999% uptime
  • Webflow periodically create cold-backups - stored on hard drives in the event Amazon has a catastrophic failure
  • ISO 27018 compliance to protect personal information


  • Super-fast page loads, the fastest hosting on the internet via Content Delivery Network
  • 100+ datacenters and servers worldwide, so content delivered from the closest server to the site visitor
  • Site loads quickly for everyone

Other features

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Backups and versioning
  • Password protection
  • Zero maintenance - no updates to run or packages to install
  • Easy integration with Google Analytics, Google Optimize and other marketing tools
  • Site search (with CMS plan)
  • Custom forms (with CMS plan)

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