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Webflow is the perfect platform for marketing professionals

DUAL is built on a belief that working together achieves better results. As Webflow experts, collaboration, empathy and compassion allow us to establish long-term creative partnerships with our clients from across the European continent.

What do you get from us?

We provide high levels of service with best practice in branding, UX, digital design and online marketing. Offering significant value for money and utilising Webflow to provide a compelling platform to present businesses online, with 20 years of existing experience, we intend to enhance our reputation across the UK and Europe.

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2011. The Beginning


Formed as Getvanilla in 2011 and led by experienced Creative Director and founder Simon Cook. Previously employed as a Senior Designer within an agency environment, Simon's credibility within the design industry was recognised, when his work and approach was called-out in the 2011 Recommended Agency Register report.

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2018. The Evolution

The birth of DUAL

In 2018, Getvanilla was not only rebranded but entirely renamed, to become Dual Digital Design. This change of identity was to reflect the company's new direction (focusing on two core offerings - Branding and Design) and to recognise the Anglo-Portuguese roots of it's founder.

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2020. The Future


Working with other like-minded creative experts from across Europe, DUAL are entering a new decade with a passionate remit to educate marketeers, business owners and anyone interested in achieving digital success. We are committed to helping businesses make an impact in the modern world.

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Why DUAL use Webflow

WordPress, Concrete 5, Perch, Expression Engine, Craft - it's clear that Webflow offers a radically better way to design and build websites. Clean code, automatic updates and no plugins - what's not to like?

Webflow experts

With over 50 Webflow design & builds so far, DUAL have fully embraced the No Code revolution.

UI Design

By designing within the browser, say goodbye to flat Photoshop mock-ups that need interpreting by a developer.


Responsiveness baked in, ensures your site looks it's best on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile devices.