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A compelling new Webflow website in one fixed-fee package

Using the power of collaborative design, DUAL will create your new website to impress potential customers, help you craft your content and provide stand out against your online competition.

What you will receive by following our Digital Roadmap

Our fixed-fee Website Redesign package provides growing businesses and start-ups across the UK and Europe with a beautiful Webflow website, intuitive CMS (Content Management System) and lightning-fast hosting.

Beginning with the audit of your existing website, we take you on a journey through 6 of our creative services before supporting your website post-launch with reviews and recommendations.

Discover the benefits of a Webflow website

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What is Webflow?

Webflow is an integrated responsive website builder & CMS platform that allows designers to create completely custom websites. Its reputation continues to grow as a viable alternative to WordPress.

No-Code revolution

Technical developers are no longer needed in the project, which saves marketers and business owners money.

Easy to manage

No more plugins and updates. Webflow's code is always up-to-date with a continuous improvement and release cycle.

Faster prototyping

Webflow significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to go from initial design to a finished functioning website.

Why Webflow

As Webflow experts, we feel Webflow is the perfect platform for clients who want to look as good as possible online, with quick and secure hosting, and an integrated CMS.

Quick and Secure hosting

Lightning-fast, ultra-reliable hosting without the hassles. With Webflow, enjoy the fastest, most scalable hosting technology for your business.

Staging and Live site

When it comes to web publishing, the last thing you want to do is launch unapproved content, or functionality that breaks your site.

Client-facing CMS

Say goodbye to the clunky dashboards of other CMS platforms. Webflow's CMS lets you edit on your live website, and publish with a click.

What it covers

Our Website Redesign package has been carefully crafted, to provide mature businesses across the UK & Europe with everything they need to ditch their old, tired website.

Digital Strategy

We will help your business gain a clear understanding of its website goals and benchmark it against rivals, with a competitor analysis.

Digital Alignment

We will help your business organise its existing brand assets and produce a mood board to document the design direction to take.

UX & Design

We will help your business create a memorable digital experience, through compelling visual design and usability.


By journeying along our Digital Roadmap, your business will be ready to present its best face to the online world, whilst enabling your team to keep content fresh and relevant.


Sitemap and User Flows to breakdown your new website structure into clear hierarchies and key visitor objectives.

SEO report

An SEO report tailored to your market or industry, explaining which keywords offer you the best chance of success.

Responsive website

A beautiful mobile-friendly website with an intuitive content management system all designed and built in Webflow.

Our Digital Roadmap includes these 6 creative services

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