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All 6 of our creative services in one fixed-fee package

Using the power of design and collaboration, DUAL will rebrand your business, transform your audience and provide stand out in your industry, sector or market.

What do you get from us?

Our compelling Business Rebrand package includes all 6 of our Creative Services, and provides growing businesses and start-ups across the UK and Europe with a great looking digital brand and Webflow website.

Discover the benefits of rebranding your business

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What is a Rebrand?

A Rebrand occurs when a business no longer feels that its existing public image is fit for purpose. Think of it like a makeover, but for an entire company not a person.

Discovery and Analysis

Understanding your audience and customer base, allows your team to make informed decisions.

Thought provoking insights

Tangible brand recognition improvements can be aligned with business OKRs and KPIs.

Better first impression

Fresh new look for the logo, website and a clear design direction for other digital marketing materials.

Why Rebrand?

Businesses have many reasons for wanting to Rebrand themselves, but the most common is to alter public perception of an existing brand and present it in a different light.

Enter a new market

Launch an existing product in a new territory, or trial a new service with an existing customer base.

Target a new audience

Appeal to a younger demographic to boost sales, raise awareness and increase social following.

Reposition your business

Retain core values, whilst transforming existing customer perception of your brand and its story.

What it covers

Our fixed-fee Business Rebrand has been carefully crafted, to provide growing businesses and start-ups across Europe with everything they need to confidently market themselves online.

Brand Strategy

We will help your business gain clarity on its unique niche, brand position, market understanding and customer base.

Brand Identity

We will help your business explore how far it wants to creatively position and present itself across all touchpoints.

UX & Design

We will help your business create a memorable digital experience, through compelling visual design and usability.


By journeying along our Digital Roadmap, your business will be ready to proactively seek out new marketing challenges and react positively to growth opportunities.

Mini-business plan

Discover your niche by understanding your customers and analysing your competitors strengths and weaknesses.

Style guide

Stylescapes, logo lockups and real-world examples. Everything your business needs to uplift its brand image to the next level.

Responsive website

A beautiful mobile-friendly website with an intuitive content management system all designed and built in Webflow.

What our fixed-fee Business Rebrand includes

From mini-business plan through to the website launch, our Digital Roadmap takes you on a journey through our 6 Creative Services.

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Brand Strategy

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Brand Identity

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(UX) User Experience

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Web Design

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Webflow Dev.

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Marketing & Consultancy

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