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Ensure your business makes the right impression with its target market

Our Brand Identity service helps your business explore how far it wants to creatively position and present itself across all customer touchpoints, as part of the rebrand.

How our Brand Identity service works

Following the Creative Brief, we move into the creation of Stylescapes, which provide three conceptual ideas for exploration, discussion, and validation, and ensure that we are on track with your vision. We move to the logo identity creation, where we work up several concept routes guided by the approved Stylescape to hone in on the final look.

As well as the logo, typeface, and colours we demonstrate how your new branding will work in real-world scenarios such as stationery, signage, and merchandise which can inspire future marketing activity.

Brand Identity Roadmap

The three stages of Brand Identity

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1. Internal work

What DUAL will do:

  • We will create 3 Stylescapes in Adobe XD - one mild, one medium and one spicy
  • We will create a logo identity proposal, which will include colours and typography
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2. Client presentation

Video meetings to communicate to you:

  • The 3 Stylescapes to guide the chosen design direction
  • The initial logo identity concepts
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3. Final deliverable

What you will receive from us:

  • The new brand identity in various formats, logo lockups and real-world examples (PDF)
  • Brand assets (CMYK & RGB formats)
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