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Take advantage of Webflow, the web's best website platform

Our Webflow Development service helps your business harness the innate power of Webflow's layout, hosting and CMS functionality, to build you a beautiful, dynamic website experience.

How our Webflow Development service works

Once the design templates have been signed-off, we begin building out the entire website within Webflow. This consists of creating all the pages as per the sitemap, populating the Collections database (into which dynamic content such as blog posts are stored and referenced), and ensuring that the CMS editor is setup.

You will be able to review the staging site before it goes live and provide feedback. Once everything is ready, we will help you to sign-up for Webflow's most appropriate hosting package, and provide you with your own login details to the CMS editor, so you can keep the website updated and current post-launch.

Webflow Development Roadmap

The three stages of Webflow Development

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1. Internal work

What DUAL will do:

  • We will build your marketing website, content website or listing website in Webflow
  • We will populate the website with your approved content e.g. text, imagery, videos
  • We will integrate Webflow’s CMS (if required)
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2. Client presentation

A video meeting to communicate to you:

  • The URL of your Webflow preview website, that can be viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile
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3. Final deliverable

What you will receive from us:

  • Your final Webflow website, launched live on your domain plus login access to Webflow's CMS
  • A training manual for Webflow’s CMS (PDF)
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