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User journeys, sitemap & wireframes informed by industry best practice

Our (UX) User Experience service helps your business ensure that the blueprint for your new website is based upon logical navigation and information architecture principles, utilising FlowMapp.

How our (UX) User Experience service works

We begin by researching what words, terms, and phrases we feel will achieve the best results when it comes to being found via organic search. Once we have decided which keywords to focus on, we will create your new website sitemap, which includes a content plan. This will help guide you if you are writing the website content yourself or engaging with a copywriter.

Following this, we will create User Flows to highlight which pages and areas of the website should be targeted at which members of your audience. Finally, we move into Wireframing, during which time we will establish the broad layouts of each template.

UX Roadmap

The three stages of (UX) User Experience

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1. Internal work

What DUAL will do:

  • We will produce a suggested SEO plan
  • We will create a sitemap and suggested content plan
  • We will create User Flows based on the 3-4 User Personas
  • We will create wireframes showing suggested content positioning
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2. Client presentation

Video meetings to communicate to you:

  • Your Sitemap, suggested content plan and User Flows in FlowMapp
  • Your Wireframes and suggested content positioning in Webflow
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3. Final deliverable

What you will receive from us:

  • A FlowMapp Report (PDF)
  • A SEOptimer Report / SEMRush Report (PDF)
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