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Ensuring the new design direction stays 'on message'

Our Digital Alignment service helps your business ensure that the necessary logo, typeface, and image files are provided, along with any brand or corporate guidelines needed to achieve brand consistency.

How our Digital Alignment service works

Following the Website Brief, we request that you provide us with your logo assets (ideally high-resolution), access to a photo library (if you have one), and any brand guidelines that we need to be aware of before we begin. From these existing assets, we will combine all your current styling with some of our ideas.

We will present this to you as a mood board and discuss how we can ensure that the new website will be true to your established brand values while evolving into something that will engage your target audience.

Digital Alignment Roadmap

The three stages of Digital Alignment

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1. Internal work

What DUAL will do:

  • We will ask you to provide us with high-res logo files and photos, plus any additional guidelines that you need us to be aware of as the project progresses
  • We will create a mood board in Adobe XD, that combines our initial creative/styling ideas with your brand
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2. Client presentation

A video meeting to communicate to you:

  • The Mood board to guide the chosen design direction for the website
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3. Final deliverable

What you will receive from us:

  • Mood board (PDF)
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