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Forging a mini-business plan to roadmap your digital future

DUAL's Brand Strategy service helps your business gain clarity on its unique niche, market understanding, brand position and customer base. Together, we will establish brand guidelines to manage the presentation of your brand personality and create user personas to focus on what motivates your audience.

DUAL's Brand Strategy service

Brand Strategy Roadmap

How our Brand Strategy service works

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1. Discovery session

A face-to-face or video meeting to find out:

  • What you see as a win from collaborating with DUAL
  • Who your existing customers are
  • How potential clients would currently see your brand
  • Who your competitors are
  • More about your industry or sector
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2. Internal work

What DUAL will do:

  • We will assess the current situation, and provide a primary and secondary goal for the project
  • We will identify your ideal audience
  • We will establish how you would like your brand to be seen in future
  • We will analyse your competitors
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3. Client presentation

A video meeting to communicate to you:

  • Your business niche
  • Clarity on your brand virtues and values
  • Clarity on your market position
  • How to target your ideal customers
  • Your competitors strength and weaknesses
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4. Final deliverable

What you will receive from us:

  • A Creative Brief (PDF) that will provide you with a digital mini-business plan.
  • 3-4 User Personas to better understand both your existing and target audience.
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