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Founded in 2011, as Getvanilla Design & Digital by a Senior Designer. The realisation in 2018 that the consultancy needed to rename itself became the catalyst for an entire rebrand, which culminated in the formation of DUAL.

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Before Rebranding

Getvanilla had traded for 7 years as a mildly successful independent design business run by its founder and owner, who had enjoyed a career working within the creative sector. The whole premise of the company was built on access to a single senior designer offering digital consultancy, but the presentation was hamstrung by being seen as a freelancer rather than a viable alternative to small agencies. This combined with a business name that didn't properly represent what design services were available and a reticence to step back and see the bigger picture, needed to be addressed.

Project goals

  • Completely rebrand and rename the business
  • Analyse all existing design services, methodolgy and process
  • Change the company culture from inward looking to outward focused
  • Emphasise the vast digital experience built up over the last two decades
  • Decide on the best-practice stack, to provide clients with a coherent reason to work together
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After Rebranding

A name change in 2018 to DUAL Digital Design Ltd, was the first small step in what became a radical interrogation of existing practices, culminating in an overhaul of the entire business. A completely new brand identity, colour scheme and visual language was developed, combined with an evolution to a customer-centric focus and decision to build everything on the foundations of the digital website platform Webflow.

Project outcomes

  • A radically new image and direction for the brand
  • A coherent business plan to guide UK expansion followed by inroads into Portugal and Spain
  • Teaming up with likeminded creatives from across Europe
  • Marketing of an all-in-one Rebrand package aimed at growing businesses, with an emphasis on strategic thinking not just execution
  • Focus on 6 complimentary creative services
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