Introducing Stylescapes

What is a Stylescape and why do DUAL use Stylescapes?

You may already be familiar with the concept of a moodboard, and you may even have heard the term Style Tiles before, however there is a good chance that Stylescapes are something that you've never come across before. First of all let us define exactly what they are. As explained by their original creator Chris Do "Stylescapes are the collection of highly curated images, designs, type, textures, and colours that help defined visual direction...".

Taking creative moodboards to the next level

In other words, Stylescapes allow us as design consultancy to efficiently provide a number of conceptual ideas for exploration, discussion and validation, and ensures that we are on track early on in the project. In much the same way that it's best practice to go through a (UX) User Experience phase before beginning on any website design work, the same holds true in using Stylescapes before opening Adobe Illustrator and launching into brand and logo ideas.

Stylescapes photo

Integrate Brand Strategy insights

By taking this approach at the beginning of Brand Identity, we can absorb all the insights learnt from the Brand Strategy and put that into something visual and tangible that will help guide us as we progress. You as the client will know what design direction we are planning on going in as we proceed, based upon not just your feedback but when considered using the target user personas that we identified together during the earlier Discovery Session.

How much heat can you handle?

At DUAL, we follow the methodology of creating a mild, medium and spicy version of the Stylescapes, thus challenging your expectations and testing how far the brand is comfortable in pushing itself. We define this in words too - so for example, a mild Stylescape might contain a feeling of classic sophistication, a medium Stylescape may resonate cool self-confidence and a spicy Styelscape may be vibrant and dynamic. Of course, it's often the case, that elements from different Stylescapes can be merged together into a hybrid version, depending on the personality of the brand and its values.

Once the final Stylescape is signed off, this provides a fantastic reference point for all the future creative work to come.

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